Sonntag, 13. April 2014

Londontrip Part II

Hello again!

Like I wrote in the posting before, we had the chance to visit the Enchanted Event.


It was amazing to see all the good looking and perfect dressed people.
I also met some of the pretty lolitas from germany there! 
(I don't see them often ;___; only on events like this..., but I am also planning to visit the "Japantag" this year! Who will be there too?)

The special guests of this event - Minori, Atelier Pierrot, Grimoire. 
Also - Kunika Ono (she made amazing sweets!), Uplift Tokyo, Kawaii International and more!

I was really stunned from all the awesomeness on that event! 
(seriously, I was the "awkward penguin-potato"...)

Make Up Lesson - Minori!

At this point, I have to admit, that I am a fan of Minori!
It was possible to buy some of her works & also two of her outfits were auctioned!

(I am so sad, that I was not able to bid on one of her outfits (゚´Д`゚)゚ )

Outfit 1 - So sweet

Outfit 2 - So cool!

It was also possible to make a photo with Minori!

She was very lovely and it was great to meet her!

The shopping possibilities were awesome too! (and the sellers... everyone was very nice! It was nice to meet you!)
Unfortunately I missed it to buy the amazing Atelier Pierrot Blouse & Black Bunny Ring 
(;へ:) Blouse sold out, the Ring was broken... Unlucky me.

But I bought some tights & a Lockshop Wig!

 My London-Goodies:

Camden Market Shirts, Disney, Grimoire, Lockshop and more

Enchanted was gorgeous!
A huge "THANK YOU" to the organizers, the donors and the participants!
The city & the event where totally worth it!
You made something amazing and I will always remember with a smile! 

Londontrip Part I

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to share something with you.
We visited London & the Enchanted Event! 

It was a great time in London & I will visit it again with more time!

So amazing! All the details and everythiiing <3

It was very nice in London. It's great to see, how polite & kind everyone was. 
Also I really had falled for the buildings and all the tiny details everywhere!

Unfortunately, I had trouble with breathing in london, which may be caused by a smog?
But I tried my best to visit the town and to have a good time!

So pretty!

Oxford Street at night

But the big event was waiting for us on saturday 
(I tried my best to be healthier & be able to breath easier for that day!)


Gibson Hall

Waiting... look at all the amazing headdresses!
A little bit more will follow soon!
(But my sewing machine is calling my name)

Montag, 31. März 2014

Sewing Post March Part 2

Here is my second sewing post!
I was hoping, to be able to sew a new dress today, but a flu is killing me. (╯︵╰,)
Nevermind.. I will defeat it! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

So let's start with my clothes 

It's a long JSK and I really like the combination of pink and green!
(and I need a long petticoat...)

Fluffy star hoodie! 
It matches perfectly with my old unicorn skirt! 

A new black jacket! My old black jacket doesn't look good anymore, so I made this one.
I used the same pattern like for the red jacket and the same lining

A new cardigan (extra long sleeves!) with a new flower skirt.
I wanted to combine them with mori clothes.
The knit fabric is handmade too! I am so proud of it

But I also made two things for Momo!
A fake-leather shirt and this one:

A newspaper shirt with a little bit VK inspiration! 
I will change the buttons tomorrow for bigger & black ones.
( ̄ー ̄)
It was a really long journey to sew this shirt! Momo has such a rare bodytype, that I had a lot of problems doing his pattern. But finally the problem is solved and I know what to do in future!

So that's it for today.
Thank you so much for reading and have a nice week!

Sonntag, 30. März 2014

Sewing Post March Part 1

Looking back, I realized that I've been sewing a lot this month!

I wanted to sew at least one piece per week, but now I have to split my sewing post! 

I made a gobelin skirt and I have to admit, it was the worst material I've ever worked with!
(maybe I just have to use it more, but I was really shocked how stiff it is! Really, this skirt can stand alone, without any help)

A musicalnote knit!
Like I told you some weeks ago, I made a musicalnote knit and this is the result!
It's so soft  <3

After this pieces, I wanted to make a lolita dress again

I used this fabric in my lolita-starting time, (like 7 years ago?)  and this is my new version! 
It has a tulle rufflebutt and I am very happy how it turned out.
Maybe I will wear it on Enchanted?

Fullshirring summer JSK with a matching flower

Finally I have a butterfly dress! 
(and cats... and cards... and frames... there is nearly everything on it)

I guess, I will stop for today, since this would be a little bit too long! 
More clothes will follow in part 2! 

Thank you very much for reading and have a lovely day!

Sonntag, 23. März 2014

Print preview, Third Outfit

Ohh, I am so sorry!
I was totally bound up in my academy work, that I missed to show you my third outfit
m(_ _)m

Currently I am working with Momo on a new print for Li-Paro!
It's a cute one with little deers and bunnies 

A little preview:

I will show you a preview of the finished print on Li-Paro!

Oh and here is my third outfit!

Picture 1

 And a second picture

JSK: Li-Paro

Thank you so much for reading!
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ